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what"s the difference between Cal Ripken and Little League?

Although BOTH are viable organizations to play youth baseball

we see the biggest difference, we play MLB rules and play

on the bigger baseball diamond. REAL BASEBALL!!!!

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Manchester Cal Ripken

We are heading into our 63rd season of baseball at our complex. Manchester Cal Ripken is Manchester, NH's premiere youth baseball league serving youths age 4 to 12. We welcome players from the entire city of Manchester, and also Hooksett; Bedford, Goffstown, and Candia
As we stress the family environment, we ask that you become part of this great experience for your child.  We have so many great people involved with our organization and we value all of our volunteers... so step up to the plate and offer your help when you can...

Manchester Cal Ripken News

Exciting things are happening at Manchester Cal Ripken including partnerships with SNHU Men's Baseball and SNHU Graduate Programs.

Have a listen to Auxilary Director, Jamie Burke, talking about the exciting things that are happening at Manchester Cal Ripken for the 2018 season and beyond on Girard at Large.  

League Update on Spring Season

By Bruce DalPra 04/28/2020, 4:43pm EDT

Greetings MCR family. 

I hope that you all are safe and doing as well as can be expected in these very different and difficult times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives like nothing else has in my lifetime.  We all hope to return to some semblance of normal soon.  We are Americans first and foremost and have the collective will and faith that we will survive this global pandemic and be stronger for it.

With all that is happening, baseball seems such a small and trivial matter.  In our hope to start to return to some semblance of normal, I have had discussions with the members of the MCR Board during the past several weeks.  We conducted a Zoom meeting on April 23 to brainstorm as to where our baseball season stands.  I wish I were able to provide definitive answers to many of the questions you have.  Given the world, as it currently is, I am unable to do so.  What we did decide is that we will explore every avenue to provide baseball to our families this season.  Many things must fall into place before we would be able to start our season.

The Governor has extended the NH State of Emergency to May 18.  Clearly, we will not be able to start any group activities before then.  Our State and City governments must allow fields to open for group use; they must give permission to re-start group activities and our City, State, and Federal health officials must provide some assurance that we are all safe to once again start to gather, practice, and play.


The MCR Board is working on a number of possibilities to start our season.  Please bear in mind that our Spring season will be delayed indefinitely at this time.   Once the fields are open and we are allowed to gather safely in groups we intend to immediately contact our families, put the teams together, and start practices and games.  Some organizations have canceled their youth sports programs due to the pandemic.  MCR is not at that point yet.  We are working hard to put a late spring and summer baseball program for 2020.  This will require to play through nearly the end of July.

Once again, thank you for your patience.  Any of our board members will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our program.  Please remember that we cannot answer questions regarding the state of emergency and the timing of opening the fields for practice and play.  Those are more properly directed to State and City officials.  We are open to new ideas and suggestions regarding how to return to normalcy.

We at MCR also wish to extend our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to doctors, nurses, all other healthcare providers, first responders, grocery store workers, and all others who have worked hard during this pandemic to keep us safe. 

Please remember them in your prayers.

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Contact Us

Manchester Cal Ripken

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